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Texts and Fan-Fiction

The devoted fan base of the Lion King has proven itself to be both lasting and creative. Fan fiction is pouring out, growing in quality each time, and soon I believe TLK will leave a legacy as rich as, for instance, Star Trek or J.R.R. Tolkien. What's next? Lion King conventions?

What's here is just a fraction of what has been written and made available over the course of TLK's life.

(Warning: some of the stuff here (not much, but some) is just perhaps a bit racy or even offensive to some. Take this as either a disclaimer or a claimer, of course... :)


Original TLK Fan-Fiction

Many fans have seen fit to expand upon the story of TLK with their own works (including short stories, long stories, poetry, and more). Here are some examples, some from various newsgroups, some from Web denizens, some distributed through e-mail only, etc.
These stories are listed alphabetically by the author's last name. In the case of multiple authors, the name earlier in the alphabet is used.

"The Lion King III - Kovu's & Kiara's Pride" 9/12/2003
"The Lion King III - Part II: What happened the time when Taran was missing" 12/3/2003
"The Lion King IV – The End of a Kingdom" 3/1/2004
Vagner Oliveira Albino
Emmylou Allen
"Simba's Hope" 10/1/1999
"Mother and Daughter" 12/27/1999
"The Chronicler's Story - Simba's Journey" 2/18/2003
"The Chronicler's Story 2 - The Rift" 2/21/2003
"An Impossible Love" 2/24/2003
"Cub of Destiny I: From Rogue to Guardian" 5/13/2005
Awadu Asgedom
"The Lion King 3: The Ghost and the Darkness" 8/24/2006
"What Might Have Been…" 8/13/2004
Baby Fire Wolf
"The Lion King IV" [3 parts] 9/1/2004
"The Lion King V: Attempts of the White Lioness" 9/1/2004
"The Lion King VI: Pride Rock's Heir" 9/24/2004
"The Lion King VII: Kusa and Cheasala" 10/4/2004
"The Lion King IIX: The Spirit of Uhäki" 10/4/2004
"The Lion King IX: The Falling Stars" [3 parts] 11/29/2004
"The Lion King X: Beginning of the End" 11/29/2004
"Darkened Love" 12/2/2004
"Hunter with the Hunted: What Happened to Quwin’go" 12/21/2004
"The Lion King III: A Clash of Kingdoms" 7/19/2004
"The Coming of Meersha" [3 parts] 6/5/2007
"Savanna Chronicles: What the River Holds" 1/5/2009
"Savanna Chronicles: Golden Savanna" 1/5/2009
Jaron Bautista
"The Last of a Pride" 11/30/2004
Black Lion
"The Tournament of Death" [2 chapters] 6/8/2004
"Kovu's First Hunt" 3/15/2004
"The Eternal Bond" 3/30/2004
"The Reign of Darkness" [2 parts] 7/15/2005
Bloody Paw
"Bloody Paw: Princess of the Outlands" 5/21/2003
Chris Boyce
Steve Brace
"The Lion King III: Simba's Destiny" 4/14/2004
"The Lost Lion" 5/5/2003
Hayse Brock
"A Story About Simba and Nala" 12/20/2002
Michael Lee Burchill
"Three Brothers" 2/13/2007
"Three Brothers 2" 2/13/2007
"Three Brothers 3" 2/13/2007
"Return to the Pridelands" 2/23/2007
"Return to the Pridelands 2" 2/23/2007
John Burkitt
"Rites of Passage" 11/25/1996
John Burkitt and Dave Morris
Roger Byrum
"Goodbye" 11/13/2000
Stephanie Carpentier
"A Big Argument" 1/27/2005
Gesler Carranza
"The New Circle Of Life!" 7/25/2005
"The Lion King 3- Nuka's Return-The Reversing Of The Ways" 9/18/2001
"Sarabi's Destiny" 8/4/2002
"The Tales Of Sanri" 8/7/2002
"Scar's Empire" 2/15/2003
Elaine Duncan
"Circle of Life" 4/11/1998
Sigurd Engerström
"The Tale of Djakkar" 6/13/2000
TLK 3 [4 parts] 7/5/2002
TLK 4 [5 parts] 10/24/2002
TLK 5: "The Children of the Villain" [2 parts] 12/29/2005
Michael Espinoza
"The Lion Who Would Be King" 12/1/2006
Michael Evans and James E. Falk
"King of Hearts" 4/28/1999
Theresa Hoyer
"Lea Halalela" [2 parts] 9/8/2005
Sally "Kishari" Hubbard
"Scar's Remorse" 4/16/2001
Eva Janus
"Unknown Past" 2/1/2002
"Abandoned Cubs" [2 parts] 2/19/2002
"Lethal" 2/19/2002
"Sarabi" 2/19/2002
"Visions in the Night" 2/19/2002
"Judgement Day" 5/3/2002
"The Lion King III – The True King" 7/15/2005
"The Lion King IV - The Final Days" 3/27/2006
"Scar" 7/30/1998
Mary Johnson
"El Rey Leon: The Prequel" [4 parts] 6/22/2004
Phil Johnson
"The Akili Files" 4/23/2000
"The Scarring of Taka" 4/23/2000
"The New Friends" 9/23/1998
"The Lion King/Jurassic Park Crossover" 10/1/1998
"Hyena Love Tonight" 7/6/2003
"Wise Words From Hyenas" 7/22/2003
MckenzieAnn (Kenzie)
TLK III: "The True Queen" 12/2/2002
"Pride" 9/20/2000
"What About Kopa?" 1/10/2005
King Simba_123456
"Kopa's Life" 6/21/2006
"The Lion King 3: Kovu's Reign" [6 parts] 6/5/2003
"Wekundu Hewa juu Wekundu Kiwara" [2 chapters] 6/6/2003
Kati 'Kitani' Warfield (Silent Twilight)
"Till Death Do Us Part" 2/16/2003
"Where did the hyenas go?" 6/24/2004
"The Lion King 3" 7/7/2004
"The Lion King III: Kovu's Tragedy" [5 chapters] 8/27/2006
"Morals" [5 chapters] 9/28/2006
"What’s My Motivation?" 10/15/2006
"On Display" 11/1/2006
"Justice" [4 chapters] 11/22/2006
"In Your Place" 12/27/2006
"Endless Night" [3 chapters] 1/11/2007
"Leopard Like Me" 2/2/2007
"The Lion King IV: Fujo’s Downfall" [5 chapters] 3/5/2007
"Heist" [3 parts] 4/5/2007
"The Lion King V: Jadi’s Rule" [5 chapters] 5/2/2007
"Purgatory" 6/2/2007
"Sacrifice" [4 parts] 7/3/2007
"Killing 101" 8/1/2007
"Kassan Must Die" [3 chapters] 9/12/2007
"Dead!" [4 parts] 12/6/2007
"Shadowwalker" 1/8/2008
"Sanctuary" 9/25/2008
"Welcome to the Show" 10/20/2008
"Two Weeks. Maybe." 10/23/2008
"King Scar, You So Crazy" 3/14/2009
Krazy Kat
"Tales of a Brave Lioness: Sarabi's Quest" 6/23/1998
"Jaguar Dream" 5/9/2002
"Fading Light" 5/17/2002
"Nuka's Tale" 7/20/2002
"IT’S NOT FRICKIN SIMBA!!!!!!!" 1/29/2003
Abbey Kubiae
"Territory" 10/20/2004
"The Lion King III: Divided Prides" 10/22/2004
Stephanie Lawrason
"Comedy Goes Lion King" 1/14/2003
Ian Layton
"Redemption" 11/8/1996
"The Lion King -1: The Story Before the Story" [2 settings] 11/8/2007
"Simba's Absence" [3 parts] 11/26/2007
"What Happened to Kopa?" 12/3/2007
"Simba Sees the Future" [5 parts] 1/22/2008
"How Sora Ruined the Circle of Life" 2/1/2008
"The Lion King 3: Light and Dark Merge Together" 2/4/2008
"The Lion King 3, Part II: Differences" [5 chapters] 4/24/2008
"Infinite Longing" 5/20/2008
"The Lion King 4: The Next Heir" [2 days] 6/13/2008
"The Friend of a King" [2 parts] 8/15/2001
"Love Hurts" 9/17/2002
"Lion King Merchandise That Got Cut from the Shelves" 9/23/2002
"Hyena Love" [7 chapters] 9/30/2002
"48 Reasons You Know You're a Hyenaholic" 12/9/2002
"The Chosen" [3 chapters] 1/27/2003
"Respect" 4/13/2003
Channel Education/Information: "Interveiw with Simba - Insider Information on The Lion King" 5/5/2003
Channel Education/Information: "Multiply Your Friends With Home Cloning " 5/12/2003
Channel Education/Information: "Interveiw with Timon - Insider Information on TLK 1 1/2" 7/30/2003
Channel Education/Information: "I'm Dreaming Of An Orange Halloween (Where Has All The Pumpkin Gone?)" 9/16/2003
Channel Education/Information: "Interview with Scar: Yet Another Attempt To Prove His Innocence" 10/23/2003
Lucki Starz
"The Next Royal" 4/30/2004
"Scar's Independence" 7/7/2004
The Lion King 3: "The Queen of the Shadowlands" 7/1/2003
Jennifer Lyles
The Pilot Episode: "The Best on Broadway" 8/16/1999
"I Don't Love You" (With Kovukono) 8/19/2007
"I Might Love You" (With Kovukono) 6/24/2008
"King Abjup Jr." 11/5/2008
"I Shouldn't Love You" (With Kovukono) 2/5/2009
"The Lion King: Secret Santa" 12/21/2009
"Sarafina’s Parenting Test" 2/15/2010
"Sarafina's Parenting Test 2" 11/17/2010
"Angry Easter Birds" 5/16/2011
"The Siku Choka" 7/20/2011
"INPOM" 1/10/2012
"The First Night" 1/10/2012
"The Lion King 3: Ulaga's Pride" 5/14/2012
"The Lion King 2" 4/7/2005
"The Lion King 3" 4/18/2005
"The Fate of Scar" 3/20/2000
"Cubs At Play" 3/29/2000
"Larani's Loss" 3/29/2000
"A Brotherly Bond" [2 parts] 4/10/2000
The Lion King 2: "Kiara-A True Queen" 4/10/2000
The Lion King 3: "Peace Between the Tigers" 4/14/2000
"Kovu's Father" 4/14/2000
"What Happened to Sarabi?" 4/18/2000
"Return From the Past" 5/15/2000
"The Journey of Nala" 10/8/2000
"Suruni's Lost Trust" 10/8/2000
"The Forgotten Emotions" 12/22/2001
"Kovu's Courage" 12/22/2001
Tessa Mann
"The Fire Inside" 12/10/1997
"Kisasian's Son" 1/18/1998
Chris Martin (aka GreenLantern)
"Shadowlands" [4 parts] 12/11/1998
Joe McCauley
"The Enigma" 11/12/1996
"A Safe Place" 10/21/1997
"Just a Haunch" 3/1/2010
"Just Like Me" 3/1/2010
"Just Like Me" (Russian) 3/1/2010
"A Safe Place" (Russian) 3/1/2010
"Prey Upon the Spirit" 3/1/2010
Terry McNamee
"Pride Lands: Generations" [12 chapters] 10/28/2001
Alicia Miller
"The Courtship of Timon and Pumbaa" 7/8/1999
"You Know You’re a Hardcore ‘The Lion King’ Fan When…" 3/13/2009
"The Lion King 3: Tale of Two Brothers - Climax" 2/1/2010
"Vitani" 9/22/2004
"Monjaru's Tale" 6/13/2007
Jenn Morey
"Lion King 3: Leo's Return" 11/4/2003
"The Lion King III: Rosa's Story" 9/26/2005
"The Childhood Of Mufasa And Taka" 6/24/2003
Jed Paolo
"The Lion King: Rewritten" [4 episodes] 8/13/2004
"The Lion King II: Rewritten" [4 episodes] 8/20/2004
"The Lion King: Why This Cartoon?" (Essay) 9/28/2004
"Ana's Stories - based on Love" [2 storys] 10/18/2004
"The Lion King III: Not Hakuna Matata" [4 chapters] 3/9/2005
"TLK Poem" 6/20/2006
Melissa Phillips
"Taka's Scar" 12/15/2004
"TLK 4: What We Had Is Gone" [2 parts] 10/7/2005
Eric "Tigura" Randall
The Lion King: Original Stories [6 vol.s] 9/2/2002
"Ratha" [2 parts] 8/15/2001
Matthew Rhodes
TLK III: "Forgotten Memories" 1/8/2003
Trampas Robinson
"Rafiki" 9/17/1998
Heather Roppolo
"A Reborn Soul" 4/14/2004
"The Lionesses" 4/15/2004
Adrian Rossi
"Jungle Flame" [4 chapters] 11/25/1996
Gil "The Great" Ruiz
"The Visitor" 7/24/1997
"The Visitor: Snapshots" 9/19/1997
Katie Russell
"Simba's Friends" 3/21/2005
"TLK2: The Missing Part" 4/25/2005
"Simba's Battle" 5/31/2005
Scar II
"Tales from the Outlands Volume I - The Tale of Zira" [5 parts] 5/24/1999
"Tales from the Outlands Volume II - Legacies" 11/22/1999
Silver Bolt & Serine Hatake
Two Worlds United under One Sky [2 parts] 3/10/2009
Silver Bolt
"Beginnings" 3/17/2009
"Elders" 4/14/2010
"A New Found Power" 4/14/2010
"Favour for Friends" 4/14/2010
Samuel Simpson
"Moonrise" 11/25/1996
Raily Slijger
"The Revenge of Zadi" 8/9/2004
"Kovu's Pride" 9/13/2004
"Priderovers" 10/12/2004
Matthew Sorenson
TLK III: "Scar's Revenge" 10/2/2000
"Shego's Story" 1/3/2009
"Kiara's Hunt" 7/15/2005
"The Lion King 2 ½: More Hakuna Matata?" 9/7/2005
Suka Darklion
"The Lonely Spirits of the Departed" 9/13/2004
"Life's Twists and Turns" 9/13/2004
"The Legacy of the Outlanders" 9/13/2004
"The Outland Era" 1/4/2005
"The River of Time" 1/4/2005
"The dawn of the Outlands 2.0" 1/10/2005
"The Black Flower On the Edge of the Cliff" 1/19/2005
"The Lion Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and Outsiders" 1/27/2005
"The Beginning of a New Dawn" 2/8/2005
"Lion King Outtakes" 2/18/2005
"The Horizon Wars" 1/10/2005
"The Dark Side of the Moon" 4/14/2005
"The Fate of Hate" 8/24/2005
"The Royal Outland Alliance's Revenge" 4/14/2005
"The Lion King 2 ½: We Are One" 12/29/2005
Heather Summers
"Ode to the Archive" 3/4/2004
Thomas Sweet
"A Lion King Salute" 11/25/1997
"A Prominence" 12/2/1997
"A Nocturnal Dream" 12/3/1997
Victor Tarsus
"A Jedi's Destiny" 6/22/2000
"The Lion King III: The Murky Future" [2 chapters] 10/20/2003
"The Lost Brother" 10/26/2005
Tori Thompson
"The Lion King III" 4/14/2005
Leon Matt Thomsson
"The Hero of the Pridelands" [5 chapters] 2/8/2005
T. W.
"Betrothed" 10/23/2003
"Taka's Scar" [3 parts] 12/30/2003
"TLK III: The Broken Circle" 12/29/2004
"Nala: My Father’s Madness" 2/4/2008
"Taka: the Rising Sun" 2/8/2008
"Taka Leaves a Scar" 2/8/2008
"Taka Leaves a Scar II: Tojo’s Revenge" 2/8/2008
Song: "Destiny" 11/23/1998
"Defying Ancient Rivalry" 11/30/1998
CJ Webster
"The Lion King: Legend of Destiny" [3 parts] 3/21/2005
Mirco Zacher
Anthony Zamora
"Anthony's Cartoony Adventure" 11/7/2006
"TLK2 And ½: Tanabi's Gone" 2/26/2003
"Goodbye Mom, Goodbye Nala. …Goodbye Dad" 2/17/2004
"The Land is Dying" 6/21/2004
"Never Like that Again" 9/1/2004

Compiled by Dave Morris,
The Unofficial Lion King Character Encyclopedia (March '97 version).

Reviews of TLK

Kevin C. Bissessar has provided me with some articles and things; here they are.

  1. From the Toronto Star, an article about TLK's success during its summer run.
  2. A quote from a radio station's comments about the movie.
  3. Also from the Toronto Star, an article outlining how TLK was the only truly "adult" movie of the entire summer.
  4. A review from a newspaper called "The Eye," also in Toronto.
  5. A detailed soundtrack review by Alicia Miller.

Here are a few more reviews I've collected.

  1. A pretty good review done evidently some time ago by J. Sherman. None of the names came out right, but that's okay.
  2. A review by a Bill DuPre, of the News and Observer.
And for more reviews, go to the Internet Movie Database and check out their collection of Reviews.

Essays on The Lion King

Some of these have been posted on
rec.arts.disney and, and are now here just because I figured I should stick them somewhere. Also a number of essays have been contributed by visitors over the years.

  1. "Kisasian: The Tragic Antagonist", by Kevin Bissessar.
  2. "Patriarchy in the Pride Lands", a project by Karen Schwalm.
  3. What TLK did to and for the life of Jason Ahrens, a true fan.
  4. Anthropomorphism in The Lion King, by Bruce Neufeld.
  5. Notes on The Lion King, by Eugene Arenhaus.
  6. Hamlet and The Lion King, by Trey McElveen.
  7. The Lion of Judah and the King of Pride Rock, by Tim Stoffel.
  8. Modern Shakespeare, by Joel Jackel.
  9. The Making of The Lion King, by Eva Janus.
  10. The Lion King and Richard III, by Megan the Phantom Girlie.
  11. Direct to Video and The Lion King, by James Maxwell.
  12. Reflejo y Tragedia: Mi vida basada en el filme El Rey León, by PouncingSimba (Spanish).
  13. A Lion's Quest for Destiny, a paper on fatalism in The Lion King by Ethan Romanoff.

Ryan McGinnis's Lion King Text Archive

The most comprehensive archive of TLK text files available on the Net. Includes essays, reviews, and the indispensable Humor section which showcases the best of and elsewhere.

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