Lion King Links

I believe the The Lion King Fandom has its most profound presence right here on the Internet. There are literally thousands of websites devoted to the topic, and there are many more that share at least some relation to the movie. I've picked out a few of the sites that deserve a visit...

The Major Ones Simba's Pride Specialty Sites Character Pages

The Major Ones
Okay, if you haven't been to these sites, then you better start clicking. Most of these sites have been around since the beginning of the fandom and encompass huge archives of sound, video, text, images, and hordes of other information. They usually contain information from both movies. These sites are a cut above the rest.
The Lion King WWW Archive
This is the site that started the revolution. This is the oldest and perhaps most comprehensive Lion King archive on the Internet. It boasts chat rooms, games, sound files, video clips and basically anything else remotely related to the movie. There can never be enough said about this page, which has been the focal point of the Lion King community.
Worlds of Disney: The Lion King
This is Disney's official website. It's obviously the most accurate source of Lion King news and other information. Some of its features include games, sounds, and video.
Lion King Source
This site has quickly grown into a massive collection of features, media, artwork, text, and other information. Deticated to the online Lion King fan community, the site design is very impressive, and it is one of the best places to turn for recent news in the world of The Lion King (in both English and French!). Simba gives it two claws up!
Lion King Source
The Lion King Digital Online
This archive is a perfect blend of original images, sounds, and other media. This very impressive site boasts over 700MB of M-Peg video and even has the complete director's commentary on the movie in streaming audio. Ahh... Lion King euphoria....
This site is one of the first to join the fandom, and it's the best place to find media from The Lion King on Broadway. It hosts a large amount of video with everything from movie trailers to concept artwork. If you're looking for rare video, this is where to look.
The.LionKing.Org Archive
This is a very impressive page that combines both a beautiful site design and a huge amount of useful content. It also provides many CGI scripts and services for website owners.
The Lion King 1 & 2 Archive
This site hosts a very large amount of media from both movies, and it has a very large amount of unique material. Please make sure you have a JavaScript-enabled browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
These sites specialize on the first sequel to The Lion King. Although the focus is mainly on Simba's Pride, these sites sometimes have information about the first movie, as well.
Disney Presents The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Disney did a decent job on their official site for the movie. Not only is it the most accurate source for information on the movie, but it also features a ton of media in the form of images, movies, games, and other great stuff.
At its incarnation, this was probably the best Simba's Pride site on the Internet. Although it has been discontinued, the site is still a landmark with its excellent site design and plethora of media. Don't miss out.
Kiara's Sahifa
A lot of media awaits you here. This site is a great resource for both movies, although it focuses more toward the second movie. It even offers puzzles and downloadable games. Go here if you need to burn some time.

Specialty Sites
These sites are the oddballs, oddities, and parodies. While they don't offer as much general content as the archives above, they are gathering points of the fandom. This is where the fans hang out.
The Savanna Forum
A great forum for discussion of The Lion King and related topics. See what LK fans are talking about right now! Get your own free user name and post your own opinions.
The Pride Lands Online
That's right, there's a Lion King magazine online! It offers tons of games, parodies, fanfiction, interviews, and much more. Although the magazine has been discontinued, back issues are still archived on the site and are still as funny and inspirational as ever.
Logozo's Shell
It's one of the sites that started it all. Here, you can find fun stuff for your computer, fan fiction, and much more. I give it four claws up!
The Lion King Mailing List
This mailing list has been the creative center of the Lion King community ever since the list was opened on It's usually the first place to look for developments and it's great reading for the die-hard TLK fan. Also check out the mailing list section of this site.
Sarabi and Sarafina's Mandhari (S&SM)
This site features plenty of info and downloads involving The Lion King, including it's sequels and fan fiction. Expect a nice, cozy spot to enjoy the details of Lion King on the web. It's also well updated.
Simba's Lion King Detication Page (not rated)
This page belongs to a friend of mine and was built solely to show his appreciation for the movie. It's looking good so far, and it's worth a look. Currently under construction.

Character Pages
These pages focus on specific characters from the story. Get to know your favorite characters!
Vitani's Heaven
This site is deticated to Vitani, the Outlander lioness from Simba's Pride. There's also a lot of other usfule things here. You'd be surprised. It also has a unique design.