MUDs, MUCKs, and Role Playing

As a result of the very original setting and plot of The Lion King, it seems only natural that the fandom would have its own role playing systems. There are several text-based role playing systems available:

MUCK Name Telnet Address & Port
African Mists
African Tails
Endless Round MUCK
Illusions of the Pride Lands
Legacy of The Lion King
The Lion King MUCK
The Lion King II: SP MUCK
The Prides MUCK
Ubukhosi bo Khokho

A Few Tips:

If you've never used a MUCK before, here are a few tidbits of helpful advise:
  • Don't worry if you can't see the text as you type a command, this is common.

  • Before interacting with others in the world, you usually have to log in. If you don't already have a character in the world, then try typing

    connect guest guest

    to log in as "guest" with password "guest".

  • To do something, type a command and press ENTER (or RETURN).
    ei.-if you wanted to look around the room you are in, you would type look and press ENTER.

    Some other common commands:
    look - describes where you are and what is around
    look (thing/place) - this lets you examine something
    inventory - tells you what items you have
    go / move (direction) - lets your character go a certain direction
    say (message) - let's you talk to others
    whisper (person) = (message) - talk privately to (person)
    wizzes - tells what administrators are logged in

  • If you get stuck, try typing help. This will usually give you a list of commands and a brief description.