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The Lion King Simba's Pride
The Lion King

Thumbnail Description Size Length Source  
The Circle Of Life(Large)
The animals gather at Pride Rock for the presentation of the new Prince.
48.9MB 3:58 Racc'  
The Circle Of Life
The first verse and chorus of the song, until the appearance of Rafiki.
4.5MB 1:32 Disney  
Scar and the Mouse
Scar laments his poor chances for gaining power.
5.6MB 0:34 Superdan  
Uncle Scar
Scar plants the seeds of his plot in an unsuspecting Simba's adventurous mind.
5.0MB 1:40 Disney  
I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Simba and Nala fantasize about the colorful and carefree lives ahead of them as adults.
4.5MB 1:32 Disney  
"Pinned ya!"
Nala proves that she's the better wrestler of the two.
1.7MB 0:24 Hubert  
"Here, kitty, kitty..."
Cornered by the Hyenas, Simba and Nala must somehow find a way out.
3.6MB 0:47 Hubert  
Scar & the Hyenas
The Hyena trio begin to weary Scar with their antics.
2.6MB 0:52 Disney  
The Stampede
Simba's life is in danger in a sea of stampeding wildebeests; it's up to Mufasa to save him.
4.0MB 1:17 Disney  
"Kill him."
His father has been killed-- and now Simba must escape the claws and teeth of the Hyenas.
5.4MB 1:22 Disney  
Timon & Pumbaa
Meet the meerkat and warthog with the no-worries attitude.
3.2MB 1:32 Disney  
"Hakuna Matata"
Simba could use some cheering up-- so Timon and Pumbaa are happy to oblige..
2.2MB 0:43 Disney  
"A grub. What's it look like?"
Living in the jungle means eating what's available: beetles, caterpillars, and grubs!
7.4MB 1:04 Racc'  
A lazy evening after a good meal gives rise to theories and old stories.
13.0MB 1:51 Racc'  
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Timon gets into the jungle spirit!
3.3MB 0:30 Racc'  
"Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"
A strange lioness has appeared-- who else but Nala? She and Simba have a lot of catching up to do.
?MB ? Mingchen  
Mufasa's Ghost
Rafiki shows Simba how to look within himself-- and he finds much more than just the memory of his father.
4.9MB 1:44 Disney  
Simba Running Home
Simba's mind is made up; he rushes home over the sands to take back his kingdom.
1.9MB 0:21 Racc'  
Timon and Pumbaa create a diversion as only they can.
2.2MB 0:24 Racc'  
"...They think I'm King."
Simba confronts Scar, only to find more opposition than he had bargained for.
936KB 0:12 Hubert  
Rafiki In Action
Rafiki lends his hand (and stick) to the battle against the Hyenas.
2.8MB 0:09 Racc'  
"They call me... MISTER Pig!"
Pumbaa comes to Timon's and Zazu's rescue; the Hyenas learn not to get in his way.
8.3MB 0:40 Racc'  

Simba's Pride

Thumbnail Description Size Length Source  
May 10th Preview
The song "We Are One", sung by Simba to his daughter Kiara.
16.1MB ? Unknown  
May 10th Preview (Mpeg Video)
Same as above, except in M-peg video.
26.6MB ? Unknown  
He Lives In You
Shown in conjunction with the airing of TLK on The Disney Channel on August 15.
18.4MB ? Unknown  
Mr. Magoo Trailer (M-peg Video)
This is the video trailer shown on the video edition of "Mr. Magoo", available on or about June 21.
4.5MB 1:18 Unknown  
Mr. Magoo Trailer (Real Video)Save
Same as above yet in Real Video-a perfect alternative for the longer download above.
208KB 1:19 Unknown